Immersion Theatre


In my dream, I had just learned that our servers were down at work so everyone would go home early. I suspect this reflects the fact I had left work early due to illness. As I walked out into the street (in downtown Portland), I encountered some kind of grand macabre parade. It was both practical joke and advertisement for an event that would occur later that night — a sort of haunted house immersion theatre. I met the two men who were responsible for the event and they seemed to feel that it would not be a success because not many people had bought tickets. (The tickets were $24.95 each.) “It was going to be so good,” they said emphatically. I felt great sympathy for them. They asked if I had bought a ticket and I pulled a huge sheet of them out of my bag, remembering that earlier I had been given these tickets by a madman who was roaming through the nearby streets shouting strange things. The two friends seemed concerned that so many tickets were being given away.

I decided I had to attend the event to show support and felt I could help make their endeavor a success. So I entered the huge mansion that housed the event — it belonged to one of the two friends through inheritance — and began to interact with the characters inside.

This part of the dream is hazy in my memory. I don’t remember exactly what happened in which order. There were all sorts of people inside, some seemed obviously to be actors and others to be audience members, but those lines also blurred. Everything was a trick. I remember entering the mansion several times, each from a different door so as to get a better sense of the entirety of the affair. One time I was led to a set of stairs leading to a basement room. I was told to go down the stairs, but when I looked, I had the distinct feeling that whatever was going on down there was not really part of the event and was taking place without the knowledge of the organizers. Something somewhat sinister…


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