a story my brain told me…


“yadda yadda,”
naysayed the unicorn
in hoarse mumbles that crumbled
over a blueberry buckle sky.
She said to the wind:
I’ve served my Master;
I’ve carried His Lady
to the Dense Grove,
the Willow Grove
where she laid down so sweetly,
so sweetly laid down to die,
a sapphire tear in her amethyst eye.

rizak! rizak!
chimed the charmed chimera
in shimmering timbre that meandered
across a purple velvet vale.
He said to the stream:
I’ve served our Master;
I’ve carried His Babe
to the Flowering Orchard,
the Apricot Orchard
where he laid down so seemly,
so seemly laid down to dream,
the endless pearl-gathering dream.


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