Any Good Magician Could…


Any Good Magician Could…

Read between the lines.
Notice trends, patterns and currents.
Recognize important similarities and disparities.
Use a good analogy.
Create something worthwhile.
Understand the power of names.
Work a mystery.
Employ associative thought.
Personify inanimate objects.
Make interesting small talk.
Appear eccentric. Or completely normal.
Become effectively invisible.
Put on glamours.
Shapeshift conveniently and convincingly.
Perform minor miracles.
Entertain hirself in the most bland environments.
Produce a clever parable.
Speak with passion and conviction.
Magic for the sake of magic.
Cultivate personal mythology.
Put morals aside when necessary.
Be quite contrary.
Layer meanings.
Act as healer, oracle, confessor.
Hex with a blessing, bless with a curse.
Transmute lesser elements into alchemical gold.
Feel a deep philios for hir fellow humans.
Act with compassion and mercy.
Lead without false authority.
Guide without vanity.
Incite a riot.


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