Ceilede’s Breastplate


We have accepted the quest.
We have traversed the maze.
We have discovered the Great Vault of Wealth and Wisdom.
We are standing before the great doors.
We intone the proper incantation.
The doors are swinging open.
The lavish doors are creaking open, a sliver of light is pouring through.
The doors are thundering wide open; we see great treasures on the other side.
We are walking through the doors, our fingertips grazing the ornate carvings.
We are standing in the glowing radiance of a mountain of gold and jewels.
We are digging into the warm metal, putting jewels into our mouths.
We are testing the legendary swords,
And weighing the lost tomes of ancient wisdom in our hands.
We are skimming the parchment and vellum pages.
Becoming enlightened by these words and signs.
We are gathering a portion of the wealth to bring away,
Knowing that we can return anytime we wish to.
We convert the gold to common currency and begin to change our lives.
We change our lives forever.
We begin to change the world around us.
We are changing the world around us.
We have changed the world around us.
We are creating a new reality.
We create a new reality.
We have created our new reality.
We have passed our wealth and wisdom to the world.

Now we all know of our birthright.
We all know what is waiting inside us.
Now we all know the location of the Secret Vault.
It is inside.
Inside us.
Inside each and every one
of us.


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