Magnum Opus


You are standing in a dark temple, only barely illuminated by light coming from somewhere above. There is a large altar before you with strange and beautiful faces, symbols, plants and beasts carved into it. You realize that this temple is within you and that this altar is a representation of your relationship with that which you consider sacred.

You kneel, staring at the glossy floor in quiet reflection and prayer.

The light becomes more brilliant. You to look up and behold a being that is at once great and terrible, beautiful and alluring. You recognize this creature as your Holy Guardian Angel.

You make a gesture of respect and the being nods.

“Why are you here?”

You know without a doubt that you are here to declare and define the Great Work of your life.

“Yes,” you answer with great conviction.

“What is your Purpose?”

Having already contemplated this for many days, you clearly state the purpose you’ve assigned to yourself for this incarnation, your reason for being, the very basic work that feeds your soul and inspires you to continue this life in the face of all sorrows and difficulties.

“What is your Will?”

Again, you answer clearly, listing all that you desire from the fruits of your labor.

The being nods.

“And your Means?”

You answer carefully, detailing the steps you will take to manifest your Work, knowing well that these steps could easily change depending on circumstances and intuitive prompts.

The being nods again impassively and seems to grow stronger, more defined as thought it is taking strength from these affirmations.

“Yes. This is good. It will be done.”

Your Angel fades back into the light and you take another moment of quiet repose to contemplate the interaction you’ve just had.

The ritual is over. You know that this is a sacred pact between you and your Higher Self, and that this is an important step in the manifestation of your Great Work. Memories of this ritual will serve as an anchor in the future. You also know that you will meet your Guardian in future visualizations and rituals to further cement your plans.


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