Make way! May way for divine madness!


Getting fuzzy around the edges as something prepares to come through. Powerful beginning, striking the match and setting the defixio ablaze.

Make way for divine madness! Open your mouth for the rain of fruit wine to cleanse your throat of the dust from the well-traversed trade roads of life. If you will lift your hands in praise and devotion, they will be covered with the light you seek. The light is the gold you seek; the gold that will buy your unmanifest dreams. Always pay for your desires and experiences with this gold and more gold will always seek you.

In my dream, I am carried aloft by two or three of the Anj. They take me forcefully, although not violently. It is understood that I have little choice in the matter. We ascend towards a bright white-gold light and as we get closer and closer to this light, I melt into thick pools of ruby liquid that the Anj catch in their hands and fashion into a huge ruby chalice. This ruby grail is my new body and I have all the experience of living as this beautiful vibrant cut glass. I am filled with the white-gold light and served to the poor of spirit. The light becomes a fire in their bellies, they are ignited with new passion for life.

My eyes are like hollows with fierce fires behind them. My body is like a portal that allows the numinous to be expressed. I am a chalice filled with the divine madness, and filling you with divine madness when you drink of me.

All the light flowing from me into rainbows bouncing everywhere, into you, into your blood. Spells powerful enough to shake a mountain, gentle as a feather on your cheek. Hands raised to the sky, offering devotion on the vertical axis of reality. The helix rises on fire, flames licking the atmosphere. I’ll connect to you through lightning bursts, complex chains of chaos running from particle to particle, the smell of ozone in your hair. Ashen faces, glorious blossoms bursting from their casings.

I have healed and been healed.

Where once she was pale and slight, she paints herself in all the vibrant colors of nature and even some not found there. She’s gone to the left at the fork in the road and travels in a cloak of twilight, her sanguine mouth glittering rubedo. I am she whom the winds fear, she whose mouth ever flameth, she hisses to the darkening sky. Her skin glows brighter in the gathering darkness and that image encompasses all you can see. She commands all your concentration as you examine the glints in her skin, doorways to other worlds and mirrors of your own majesty.

I am she, I am she. The Grail of Life!


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