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When I am in the company of greatness, and I am often in the company of greatness, I can start to feel like a very small pale human amongst very tall gloriously golden trees. Ancient trees. Wise trees. The temptation to become little is strong, to squish my heart into a little paper ball of failed dreams and smeared ink. But instead my heart is precocious. She beats like a proud little bird on the gael. I will not give in to feelings of inferiority! I too have a vision and a spirit that sings! I know that what’s inside me is the same greatness as the greatness inside of you. We are one water.


Affirmations of Life


Please do eat organic ice cream in bed at 5am.

Please do write erotica about werewolf sex.

Please don’t question your own innate zombie-killing powers.

Please do give away bumperstickers with quirky messages on them.

Please don’t give your friends the silent treatment when they make a mistake.

Please do admit your weird fetishes to close friends and sometimes total strangers.

Please don’t dismiss interesting synchronicities as boring coincidences.